The Mini Dish — Merlot
The Mini Dish — Merlot
The Mini Dish — Merlot
The Mini Dish — Merlot
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The Mini Dish — Merlot

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This modern minimalist ring dish is made from ultra-light polymer clay. This dish is pre-made and one-of-a-kind, ready to ship to you!


These are made from polymer clay components for a surprisingly lightweight bowl. Each dish is individually handmade with care: no two bowls are the same!


All orders are packaged in a box with Kraft paper surrounding to ensure maximum protection while your dish travels to you!


Processing times may vary throughout the year, and are usually 3-5 business days since each item is individually handmade-to-order by me: it’s a one-woman show over here in my home studio in Edmonton, AB!

⋒ CARE ⋒

All items are made of polymer clay, which is a water-resistant, super light, slightly flexible material. Pieces are delicate and should not be bent or dropped. Makeup or other dirt can be removed from clay components by GENTLY going over dirty spots with a q-tip dipped in rubbing alcohol or acetone.