Hello! I’m Ashton.


I founded Hello Ashto in 2018, after many attempts at unfulfilling side hustles. You can usually find me working away in my little home studio in Edmonton, Alberta. That’s where all of my pieces are individually designed, sculpted, stamped, baked, and packaged by hand. I'm a Graphic Designer by trade, with a diploma in Digital Media Production, but I’ve always had a passion for making things with my hands.


When I began Hello Ashto, I was in search of a way to keep my hands busy, and I’d seen so many videos of people creating fun little polymer clay charms on YouTube. I was very determined to create a garden adorable tiny cacti, but soon realized I’m not much of a realism sculptor. Almost accidentally the marbled, customizable earrings were born! Since that day I have refined my work to a mostly neutral colour palette with organic unique shapes. I’ve also expanded to include hair accessories and hope to continue to explore this medium. Polymer clay is totally limitless when it comes to designs, so I’m constantly thinking of new ways to use it.


Thanks for coming a long on this journey with me!


— Ashton